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Snowshoe Manufacturers
Here is a quick look at many of the most well-known manufacturers of snowshoes.

Atlas produces a wide line of snoeshoes, including all-terrain shoes, trail running shoes, trail adventure, heavy loads/deep snow and women shoes.
Find them at, REI and

Makes a variety of snowshoes.

Bigfoot Snowshoes
Produces two budget-friendly models, one for recreational use and one built more for the backcountry.

Crescent Moon
Produces snowshoes with their signature "single pull loop" binding.
Find them at Sierra Trading Post.

Vermont company makes racing and hiking snowshoes.

Easton Mountain Products
Manufacturers innovative men's and women's models.

Manufactures traditional and aluminum snowshoes as well as bindings and accessories.

Snowshoe manufacturer.

Produces aluminum and wood framed snowshoes.

Makes wood framed snowshoes.

Mountain Safety Research (MSR)
Makes snowshoes and other outdoor products for committed backcountry users. Find them at and REI.

Northwoods Wilderness Outfitters
Upper Michigan company manufactures a line of traditional wood shoes.

Northern Lites
Makes lightweight, aluminum alloy snowshoes.

Produces recreational hiking, casual walking, performance, racing and running, backcountry, heavy loads and youth shoes. Find them at REI, Showshack and Sierra Trading Post.

Popular manufacturer at one time. After being purchased by another company, they have now closed their website.

Manufactures a lightweight, collapsible snowshoe that is easy to tote around.

Offers a range of snowshoes, trekking poles, boots, gaiters, rucksacks and headlamps.

Makes snowshoe gear for backcountry use, day hiking, recreational and fitness walking, running and racing, womens and kids. You can find them at, REI, Showshack and Sierra Trading Post.

Ursus Snowshoes
Canadian made snowshoes for the backcountry.

Wilcox and Williams
Makes quality wooden snowshoes and snowshoe kits.

The well-known car rack carrier also produces winter sports products such as snowshoes. Find them at Sierra Trading Post.

Australian company prodces a lightweight, portable snowshoe.

Yukon Charlies
Snowshoe manufacturer.

Snowshoe manufacturer

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