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We welcome all email concerning snowshoes.

Please feel free to contribute your opinions on your favorite (or non-favorite) brands and models of snowshoes.

Please understand that we are not able, however, to reply to or offer suggestions as to which type of snowshoe we would recommend in your individual situation. Also, other than what is included in these pages, we are just able to reply with individual help in locating specific products or stores.

Manufacturers — we are very interested in receiving product updates and product descriptions that will allow us to better describe your products.

Clubs & Organizations — we are more than happy to post your club or organization info (a return link back to us is always appreciated).

Retailers — we are more than happy to include your store info (a return mention on your site is always appreciated).

Online Shops — we are more than happy to include information about your online shop (a listing on your site of us is always appreciated).

Our site info:
Title: Snowshoe Review
Description: A free guide to finding snowshoes and snowshoe related information.

If you can't read out email address address, our email is:

snowshoe at publishco dot com

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